Established in 2008, Marotec sas  is a small sized, hi-tech dynamic company based in South of Italy which operates in the field of telecommunications and IT electronics.

Thanks to its technical skills and according to the EU standards and laws, Marotec sas acts as a reliable provider of electric and electronic devices for telecommunications and data processing and control imported from eastern countries (especially China). All proposed items are carefully checked, analysed and, if necessary, adapted in their SW interface to fit the final customer needs: result is the achievement of the best quality/price balance.

Marotec sas  also provides its own guarantee on every product with direct technical post-sales assistance and ensures availability of spare parts and maintenance, thus avoiding the well known complicated procedures typically related to non-EU producers guarantees.

Main Marotec  product typologies are the following:

Dual SIM GSM/UMTS mobile phones for simultaneous use of two different phone cards

Laptops - Mini Laptops 10.2"

GSM/UMTS Indoor Repeaters for GSM and UMTS connection boosting

Satellite mobile phones for terrestrial and maritime applications

Alarm and security Systems for Boat, Home and Office

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